Downsizing Fail

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I have been packing since the beginning of March. So, the plan was to downsize a little bit, you know get rid of those items that are in the dark recesses of the cabinets and closets and haven’t seen the light of day in 5 plus years, even longer in some cases. I’ve been pretty good at deciding what should go. There’s been a ton of clothes dropped off at the Salvation Army.

I made a HUGE breakthrough with my husband’s obsession with hats. I was successful in getting him to give up some of his hat collection. This was not an easy task, as I have been making remarks over the years that he was starting to act like a hoarder. LOL! To my surprise, he let go of twenty-six hats, YES you read that right! He was willing to give up HALF of his collection. Super proud of you, baby!!

Now I, on the other hand have had a minor setback. We are suppose to be getting rid of stuff and here I am buying not just stuff but, furniture! I will say in my defense though that these furniture purchases were actually paid for by husband. Neighbors really need to stop having yard sales too. My gracious, who could pass up this beauty?


This is one awesome looking dresser!

And I couldn’t pass up this deal either:


Especially since it matches a set I already have.

Well, at least we will have plenty of room for all those winter clothes that we are going to end up buying! LOL!

It really is true that you don’t know how much you accumulate over the years. Going through the photo albums and my children’s school paperwork brought smiles and tears as I reminisced about the years and life we have had living here on the Crystal Coast.

As I continue the packing, I will try my hardest not to make anymore purchases that take up too much space but, I can’t promise that I won’t stop at those yard sales!